About Simul

Who are Simul Software?

Simul is a simulation software development company who specialist in real-time rendering solutions. TrueSKY, one of our best selling products, offers software developers real-time rendered weather & sky software for use in games and simulations.

What industries use trueSKY?

Game development

trueSKY is designed to simulate weather and sky in real-time on the users device. It is used mostly in the gaming industry and we have tailored the product to be used by game developers within their favourite game engine. trueSKY gives users a fully customisable weather and sky system which can be controlled in their game engine toolset. Users can replicate real-world weather scenarios or create their own. The result is a sky filled with multiple layers on volumetric clouds, giving a realistic simulation. Read more about trueSKY here.

Architects and Structural Engineers

These guys use trueSKY to show building renders, and how buildings look in different weather and light conditions. Being able to have full control of the clouds, precipitation, sun and moon cycles means they can visually show their ideas and concepts in a real-time.

Aviation training simulation

trueSKY's volumetric clouds offer the perfect playground for professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts to train. With trueSKY, game developers can simulate real world weather scenarios and are able to use external weather factors to give a realistic flight simulation.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ready

One important feature of our weather engine is that it is VR ready. Over the last 5 years, we have made VR compatibility a priority. This is because we see VR and AR as a big part of the already large gaming industry sector. So for a game developer creating a new console or PC game, to make this game VR ready, they don’t need to worry about the sky or weather, it’s already taken care of.

A bit more about us.

We are a growing company based in the Baltic Triangle which is the Digital Hub of Liverpool, England. The area is home to some amazing emerging tech & game companies. Simul have recently upgraded to a large office in the newly renovated Baltic Creative Digital House, which is also home to other companies from this sector.

Our team consists of C++ programmers, who work on our products and also make changes to the Unreal Engine 4 & Unity game engine code, to enhance how trueSKY features work. Other members of the team include website design & developers who look after our website, which is custom build to make licensing and payments as easy as possible for our users. Finally, our marketing team who are making sure our product is marketed to our customer base and to ensure that the complex nature of what we do can be understood by indie developers and experienced AAA game development studios.

We like to do things differently

We like to think we differ from the average business. There is a new breed of company who break the mould when it comes to productivity and product development. We take a more casual approach to work. Whilst we work hard, our team members are free to work flexible hours and are encouraged to think outside the box. We see this approach as the best way to ensure a healthy and happy work force and to create a place where people want to work.

Looking for a new and exciting career?

Simul Software are a growing software company with many triple A clients. We are always looking for new team members so please get in touch if you feel you've got what it takes, even if there are no jobs listed.