The latest trueSKY update is now available! This update bring overall stability and improvements, along with additional features. Plus, with a large adjustment to our back-end, this allows for faster and more reliable API updates. Now called trueSKY 4.2a, this has replaced 4.2.

One major improvements is DX12 + Ray Tracing Support. We have resolved all the issues we were aware of. If you encounter an issue, please use the bug report system on your Account page.

Time is now easier to control , due to implementation within the Sequence Actor. Using blueprints or Unreal’s Cinematic Sequencer, you can create stunning skies faster, with greater control. Included with the new time system is custom time units, (0-1 for a day, or 0-24, or whichever value you would like!) with optional automatic progression scaled realistically. Plus, we have a tutorial to help you get setup.

Storms have been improved, and allow for easier customization. Now, the area a storm covers is now displayed in the Cloud Window, and can be moved freely to allow them to be specifically positioned. In addition, we also have another tutorial talking about them! Further improvements to Storm customization are planned for a future update, so keep an eye out.

We now have a new System for Moons! Support for multiple moons or using a Mesh for orbiting objects is now available. While quite daunting at first, this will allow you create fantasy worlds with many different orbiting objects, such as Satellites! Furthermore, orbiting objects have the option to produce light! Because of these changes, Moon setup has moved to the trueSKY Sequence Actor, allowing for easier customization – while also allowing objects to be controlled via blueprints.

UE 4.23

Those in our Slack channel will know we are committed to port new changes back to previous versions of Unreal. While we’re still figuring out the last few issues, which has took longer than expected, this will be out soon, and will be up to date with the 4.24.

Other Changes

Below is a quick description depicting some of the other new changes in trueSKY 4.2a:

  • Multiple Water and DX12 Fixes
  • Cloud shadows fixed and improved
  • Optional ambient “Starlight” to help lighten scenes at night
  • Rainbows
  • Multi-layer Precipitation

Known Issues

We are aware of a few issues which we are working on/have fixed. Of these, we have:

  • Rare Crash when moving Keyframes in Cloud Window
  • Users unable to open the Sequencer – please download this Microsoft Redistributable for a temporary fix
  • Cloud lighting can sometimes appear slow and obvious
  • Warning about “MaxAtmosphericDistance”. However, this is only a warning and does not cause any issues.
  • Resurfaced bug related to water not appearing in Standalone Play
  • A cloud layer is needed for a newly created Sequence
  • Performance issues on certain Graphics cards

Try our latest update by signing up for a 30 day free trial! We support the latest versions of Unity and Unreal.