A complete, dynamic environment for games and simulation

trueSKY™ is the most advanced and reliable sky system available.The trueSKY™ SDK generates weather system data and updates it in real time. trueSKY™ creates volumetric cloud and atmospherics data on the GPU, and provides realtime access to that data via a lightweight API. The SDK is cross-platform and renderer-independent.

The trueSKY advantage

Real-looking skies are universal – so why reinvent the wheel? trueSKY™ has been used by the world’s leading game developers and Fortune 500 companies, to deliver speed, visual quality and flexibility. Instead of spending vital man-months on recreating the sky, you can have perfect skies, instantly, and concentrate your resources where they’re most needed.

Engine Plugins

Including trueSKY in a project built on DirectX 11, OpenGL or on console is as straightforward as including the trueSKY API calls in your rendering pipeline. For games built on UnrealEngine 4, or Unity, the process is even simpler – just add the plugin to any existing project.

  • Fully adjustable for maximum performance and quality
  • High dynamic range physically-based rendering
  • Tuned for high performance on next-generation renderers
  • Advanced toolset for full control
  • Add visual impact and realism
  • Reduce development costs and time
  • Gain performance savings

Licensing trueSKY

For developers interested in a source code licence, the complete trueSKY SDK can be evaluated for up to 30 days.

For indie developers, we offer the trueSKY Indie Unity plugin, and the trueSKY Indie Unreal Engine 4 plugin.

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