Simul Support ExchangeCategory: CloudsAny chance for a beta UE5?!
Waleed Hassanien asked 3 years ago
2 Answers
Terry Dadswell answered 3 years ago

while this would be awesome…given how long it took to get 4.26 available….well you know!!!

Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Waleed – We don’t normally create plugin releases for early access versions of engines due to the unfinished nature of the product, and the fact that large code changes happen often, often causing conflicts with the plugin. This then requires further development time to find solutions. As such we normally wait until a full release of an engine version and then develop a plugin for that version to ensure no conflicts and that we aren’t retracing our steps due to unexpected code changes from the engine developers.
Hope this shines some light on the matter – there may be a UE5 plugin created in the near future if updates to UE5 are consistent or there is a large demand for it, but as a general rule of thumb, we follow the above statement of waiting for full releases.