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Joshua asked 3 years ago

Hello,I feel this plugin is so good and I am very interested with the water or ocean. May I ask if the ocean can be changed the color when it is a few hundreds meters under the water surface?

Roderick Kennedy Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Joshua,
Do you mean you’d like it to have different properties at different depths?

Joshua replied 3 years ago

Hi Roderick Kennedy,Thank you for answering me. Yes, I have a project that takes place in the deep ocean and requires a beautiful ocean surface at the same time.So I hope that some properties can be changed by myself rather than being stationary. For example , I hope the deep ocean color can be changed,or the ocean contains only a surface , and then these support me to build an ocean environment under the surface.

1 Answers
Roderick Kennedy Staff answered 3 years ago

Currently the ocean properties are uniform, however it is possible to change the properties that affect colour in real time, so as you go deeper you can adjust these.

Joshua replied 3 years ago

Thank you. Dear Roderick Kennedy. I am considering it.The ocean is so beautiful,but It looks like that only the colors at two place can be changed.One affect the ocean surface and the other one affect some short distance in the ocean below the surface.I want to change the color a few hundreds meters under the surface and make it look like the color affect short distance below the surface instead of being black.The above understanding about the plugin could be wrong,so I came and asked question here.