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Fabien Di Pardo asked 1 month ago

I working on a ambitious 3D flight shooter and I’m in the search of good sky rendering plugin. After buying Massive Cloud and Atmos, I didn’t manage to have a satisfiying result in HDRP. So I’m I decided to try TrueSky because I really liked Ace Combat 7 skies. But it’s only problems so far…
I use latest recommended Unity, 2020 2.1f1. My project is HDRP.
When I try to import TrueSky i get this error message concerning EventSystem.cs -> Access denied.
I have the same error if I import TrueSky on an existing project. Or a new and clean HDRP project or a new and clean 3D default project.
I also add that if I try to log in using my user name and the key provided for the 30 days trial, it is instant crash too.
import crash

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Andrew Richards Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Fabien, 

Sorry for the delay in getting to you on this issue.
I don’t think we have seen this error with Unity. My initial suggestion would be to run Unity with Administrator privileges.

Best Wishes,