Simul Support ExchangeCategory: CloudsIt is invalid to modify the cloud amount in the blueprint
li tang asked 2 weeks ago

Dear  supporter:
   I have a problem which is confuse me。
  I need TO change the value of cloudiness,I can change it by the windows,but When use a BluePrint in UE4 ,I can’t get any response。
 At the sametime,I can change the rain/snow ,so them layer UID I set is right.
 morequestion, can you tell me how to set strom in blueprint.

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James Evans Staff answered 2 weeks ago

There are many aspects that could be affecting this. I presume you have one Keyframe in the layer, and you are adjusting it accordingly. If you are getting the correct UID’s – Great. 

For cloudiness and other cloud related variables, when there is only one keyframe, there will need to be some interpolation on the keyframe. For this, it depends on the interpolation settings in the keyframe. 

If you are using the default (Game Time), you will need to have some progression of Time in your scene via the trueSKY Actor for the cloudiness change to take effect. Otherwise you can use the Real Time interpolation setting.

We are looking into making this more intuitive, but I hope this helps for now.

Storms are not implemented into blueprints just yet, but this is on our roadmap. 

Be aware of storing the Unique ID on begin play (if that is what you are doing), as if this is done in a standalone game, trueSKY will not be initialized on BeginPlay – so a second of delay is needed before you can grab the UID and save it.