Simul Support ExchangeCategory: Sky and LightingLightning not occluded by landscape or geometry UE 4.25.4
POV asked 2 months ago

In the editor, the storm/lightning works as expected. When I render through Sequencer, the lightning appears in front of the landscape and other geometry.

2 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi POV – Ill take a look and get a ticket written up internally for this, Im assuming this is in the 4.3 version of the plugin? If i find a workaorund to fix the issue for the time being I will be sure to reply here and let you know.
Apologies for not being much more use on this matter – if you have any further questions feel free to ask.

POV replied 2 months ago

All good, I was able to reduce the rain, and it helped a bit.

It’s version 4.2 on UE 4.25.4.

PC Intel i7-8700
2x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti