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GvR Designs asked 1 month ago

Hi, I just bought Truesky and going through all the tutorials.
Is there any way to make mist that snakes through a valley? I’ve seen there is ground fog but is there a way to lower the cloud level to the ground level so it can act like mist and hug surrounding mountains etc. Something like Asher Zhu demonstrated in this video :
around 32 min mark. and 32:30. 
Any help would be very much appreciated. 

1 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 1 month ago

To recreate this effect you could intersect a cloud with a landscape mesh. Positioning the clouds by using the keyframe and setting s low cloud base. Adding some wind speed would also get the movement effect (-Z values will make it scroll it downwards). Ensure to set your depth temporal and sampling are set correctly to avoid artifacting. 

Alternatively you could use the fog system built into the sky keyframes however I don’t think this is the effect you are aiming for looking at the video you provided.