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Zvukoper asked 3 weeks ago
Zvukoper replied 3 weeks ago

Greetings. How can I fix this?
Strangely, the light source for the moon is somehow misaligned.

Zvukoper replied 3 weeks ago

I mean, when I use Unreal fog.

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Zvukoper,
Can you supply the version of trueSKY as well which engine and what engine number you are in for this and I will take a look.
Thanks in advance

Chris_Simul Staff replied 3 weeks ago

The sun and moon both use Unreal’s Native Directional light. So if you don’t think the moon position is lining up with the light it is casting you could grab a picture of the directional light angle too, with the moon in frame so we can see how off it is and investigate what settings could be causing this. However local tests on the latest public versions have not shown anything incorrect for me even with altered settings.

A second consideration is if you have multiple moons, the direction of the light will be based of the brightest moon within the scene. And the lights colour is an average of all the moon colours within the scene. This could potentially be a cause but looking back at your screenshot I doubt it to be a cause.
Thanks again.

Zvukoper replied 3 weeks ago

Hi, Chris! Thank you for your reply.

The Unreal Engine version is 4.25, and trueSKY is 4.3.5af195da3.
The same issue I’ve experienced with a couple of previous versions of trueSKY 4.3 and UE 4.25.

Later today I will capture the screenshot you described with bot the directional light angle and the moon in the frame.

Zvukoper replied 2 weeks ago

Hi, Chris! I’ve made a little video
I wasn’t sure a screenshot would suffice to show the offset. Have I captured the parameters you asked for?

Chris_Simul Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Zvukoper – Not quite the parameters however it has let me attempt a more thorough reproduction with a bit more information and I have managed to get a local example of this happening. It appears as you’ve stated that sometimes the moon light is misaligned (thought when attempting reproductions it doesn’t appear to be consistent).

I’ve created a bug ticket for the team to investigate, sadly I couldn’t find a workaround fix, but will update here if I do.

Thanks, if you have any other questions feel free to ask them

Zvukoper replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you, Chris! The great news for me is that the problem is acknowledged and there is hope for it to get resolved. Meanwhile, we will roll back to 4.23 and 4.2a and continue working on other aspects of our project and wait for a workaround or a fix from you.

It would be much appreciated if you could drop a line here when it gets fixed 🙂

Chris_Simul Staff replied 2 weeks ago

No problem! Im glad that you can roll back and continue working. Ill be sure to add a comment and close out this card once the issue is resolved.
Thanks! 🙂