Erwan asked 11 months ago

Hello ,
Working for a new AAA dev studio, I have been pushing to use TrueSky as part of our workflow. I have to make sure everything is working fine and I have to make a demo to unlock budget to use Truesky for our production. After spending a few weeks having a very cool night time and day time in my sequence , I had the deception to see that everything about night time broke after merging to 4.5. I noticed that a lot of features are now controlled in the unreal ‘sTrueSkysequence windows. Trying to start from scratch I thought I would be able to reproduce more or less my old night time sequence. As a matter of facts nothing is working now , Atmosphere Emissivity acting crazy, moon light not lighting my scene anymore, MilkyWay texture popping in and out every couple frames , tried to use the new  light for moons system with an extra directional but each time I plug it the light change direction and his lighting from under the map while the moon clearly shows up in the sky. Also figured that even without any keys in between while I scroll through my sequence everything is going crazy. I have no idea if the problem comes from me or last TrueSky update. I am really worry as everything was working perfectly before and my dead line is pretty close now.
PS : We were also supposed to get some tutorial for night time 2 month ago and I don’t see this coming neither.