Oliver Lecher asked 1 year ago

after watching the quick precipitation setup video i’ve tried to make some rain but…it doesn’t work!
I use:
Unreal Engine 4.25.3 with the newest truesky.

1 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Oliver,
I am going to assume this is the issue mentioned here https://simul.co/question/currently-known-issues-in-the-latest-update/
The latest build has a faulty setting in the sequence actor. The “rain near threshold” is defaulted to 30, lowering it down to its minimum will fix this.
Hope this helps – any further questions feel free to ask.

Oliver Lecher replied 1 year ago

Hi Chris,
it is raining and also snowing now.Thank you! Another question regarding rain…when the raindrops are falling down and when they reach the surface is there a variable that i can change to see the collision (little water splash) ?


Chris_Simul Staff replied 1 year ago

Glad to hear it! we don’t have any splash effects as they would be done using particle effects or via materials – We do however have blueprint nodes that can work to allow interaction between the systems and allow materials and particle systems you create to know when it is raining within the scene and as such, when to activate.
One of the old youtube videos covers this for snow buildup, however the same system and theory can be applied for rain on materials or activation of particles. This can be found here – https://youtu.be/X9O92fZZS3s . I will hopefully be able to revisit this in the future and update the video at a higher quality.

Hope this helps