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peter asked 8 months ago

Is there a variable I can tweak that controls the overal opacity of EVERYTHING that trueSky generates?

The idea is I have a planet which I view from outer space.
When I have trueSKY on, it simply blankets the entire galaxy in white.

I want it to be completely off and then as I get the camera zooming in closer to the planet, it gradually fades in and as I hit the ground and look up it reaches up to 100% opacity.
Is this possible

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Andrew Richards Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your question.
Viewing trueSKY from space is a feature that we are looking into.
I will pass on your findings to Roderick, who has been looking into rendering at high altitude/space/orbit.

Thank you once again,

Andrew Richards Staff replied 7 months ago

Hi Peter,

I have just spoken with Roderick. This would likely be a trueSKY 4.4 feature, though we could add a tweak to our existing version. If possible, it would be a great help to have some screenshots for your issue, so that we can understand the issue more clearly.

Best Wishes,