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Anthony Kiselev asked 1 year ago

Hello there, can someone explain the best way to reinstall or update the TrueSky plugin for UE4? Do I need to delete some folders before reinstalling or updating? Thanks

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Anthony – You can just grab the download file from the site, and download / install it and the files should be cleaned up from older version.

However if you want to do a manual clean reinstall, navigating to the location of your unreal engine files (the engine itself not the project files) – and delete 2 folders:

The first being the Simul folder from the Binaries -> ThirdParty folder


The second being the trueSkyPlugin from the Engine -> Plugins folder


This will remove all of the trueSKY files from the engine and allow for a clean install when using your plugin installer.

Hope this helps – any questions feel free to ask

Anthony Kiselev replied 1 year ago

Got it, thanks!