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Faruk Eroglu asked 3 years ago

I’ve just gotten the trueSKY SDK, and I am unable to build the provided sample packages. All I do to reproduce the issue is opening the SimulSDK/Simul folder in Visual Studio 2019, and starting the build process. The build process immediately stops with the following error:
‘SimulTerrain_MD-NOTFOUND’, needed by ‘bin/SimulOpenGLSample_MD.exe’, missing and no known rule to make it
However, the mentioned library is there, inside build/lib/Release directory. I’ve tried adding these directories to the PATH, with no help. Am I doing something wrong? What is needed to get the SDK ready for linking with my programs, on a basic level?
Lastly, I’ve found this issue, which is also related to the SDK build I’m using (4.2a.ad98a5953) –
Does this issue have something to do with my issue?
Thank you.

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James Evans Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, Im going to close this as it is a dupe –

I have responded in the other ticket.