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CGStirk asked 1 month ago

I’m having issues with the sun not changing position when disabling Automatic Sun Position. The light and shadows change, but not the sun itself. I recorded the issue to clarify the problem.

I might be doing something wrong, but even after clearing True Sky and re-initializing it, the problem still occurs. I’m referencing this tutorial:

CGStirk replied 1 month ago

Please see this updated link for the video demonstrating the problem:

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi CGStirk,
This is an issue we have got documented internally and came about due to some organisation of how we handle the sun and moon locations. So apologies for this issue and if it is blocking your current work. 
A potential workaround for positioning your sun manually would be to use the latitude and longitude settings (and potentially heading) within your trueSKY actor (currently under the interpolation settings I believe). This may be slightly finicky, and will alter your sunrise and sunset timing as you will be altering your location on the globe. But may prove suitable as a temporary solution.
Hope this helps, and any further questions feel free to reach out.
Chris @ Simul

CGStirk replied 1 month ago

Thanks. It seems possible to get it in the right position with those settings in Atmospherics as long as there’s no progression. Otherwise, it’s too cumbersome. But, it’s enough to get this project working, so thanks again.