Simul Support ExchangeCategory: Sky and Lightingthe picture can not be rendered correcttly on 4k monitor
Gang Peng asked 1 year ago

When I press button F11 to enable fullscreen on Editor, the picture can not be rendered correcttly on 4k monitor. The picture only shows on the left-up side of the screen, where the other side is black.This problem only shows on version UE4.25.1.

1 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi @Gang Peng – We’ve seen this a few times and believe we have a temporary work around which has been outlined here –¬†
A similar issue can be found here
If neither of these solutions fix the issue please let me know and we will attempt to debug this further. I believe the next update should have a integrated fix for this.

Gang Peng replied 1 year ago

Wow!! The solution resolves my problem perflectly, thank you very much…