Simul Support ExchangeTrueSky sky turns black when "Playing in Editor"
Philip Grube asked 1 month ago

Hi Guys,

this is really frustrating. I am using Simul’s TrueSky and wanted to update to the newest version (trueSKYUE4Plugin_4.25_4.2a.ad98a5953_x64) which has updated features. To get full functionality from this plugin I had to also update from UE 4.24 to UE 4.25. Did that. 

When I then opened my project in UE 4.25 the sky looks fine in editing mode but as soon as I press “Play in editor” it is black. I checked the simul website and they say I had to disable Niagara PlugIn. Did that but still the sky is black in “Play In Editor” mode.

Anyone have experience with this problem?


3 Answers
Philip Grube answered 1 month ago

This is weird! I packaged the project and the true sky appears perfect as it does in the editor. However when in “Play In Editor” mode it is still black! 

Andrew Richards Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Philip,

Thank you for your question.
I will pass on this issue to the team to review today.

Best Wishes,

Andrew Richards Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi Philip,

I have an update from our Team.
We would advise rolling back to 4.24 for the moment, whilst we investigate the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Philip Grube answered 1 month ago

Okay, I appreciate the help. Every time I switch versions something in my game doesn’t work anymore.  I’ll continue in 4.25. and will temporarily deal with the black sky. Hope you guys can find a solution soon.