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00562 asked 3 years ago

Hello there!
Haven’t you thought about changing the trial version of TrueSky to something like time-unlimited version with watermark or any other restriction? For me is my Unity project only a free time job, and in that free time I haven’t much time to examine all that features that TrueSky can offer. Besides I’m currently trying to tune my assets look natural under all lighting conditions, which is pretty tricky and time consuming too.  It is unknown where I will finish my project, if ever, but if so, I will be more than happy to pay a full license. Before that, I would like just messing around with that, independently on time. 
Best regards, David

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James Evans Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi David – thanks for getting in touch.

This is something we have thought about previously, and I will take this into consideration moving forward. We do have the option to extend your trial licence, and with a valid reason we can accommodate this. As our indie licence is permanent, we believe we offer a very affordable and customer friendly approach.