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Sergey Cataev asked 2 years ago

Hi. Is it possible to change this parameter at runtime?
So far the value changes but there is no effect…  Thank you.

Sergey Cataev replied 2 years ago

Found that updates take place only if you run simulate instead of play. However changing values via blueprints doesn’t work still.

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James Evans Staff answered 2 years ago

Be aware of storing the Unique ID on begin play (if that is what you are doing), as if this is done in a standalone game, trueSKY will not be initialized on BeginPlay – so a second of delay is needed before you can grab the UID and save it.

I will log this as a possible Water specific issue, and make sure you are not using Advanced water options as this is not compatible with Beaufort scale

Sergey Cataev replied 2 years ago

Hi James

I’m talking about TrueSkyWater which I’m addressing as Get Actor of Class. And then cahnge the parameter. I mentioned that if I select the actor itself, I can see that value are changing from my blueprints, though nothing more then that.