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lukew asked 2 years ago

Is it possible to use trueSKY as an input for HDRP Visual Environment system (so it could be used as an environmental sky lighting source for lighting and reflection probes) in the latest version (4.3)? If not, is it planned for future releases? Or maybe there is some other suggested way to use trueSKY input for lighting and probes that is available at the moment?
It is possible to create a custom sky renderer for HDRP and plug it into the list for Visual Environment component so it can work similar as other built in sky types (PBR, HDRI, Gradient etc.) for environmental lighting. Do you plan to use this functionality? Or maybe it’s already possible with the latest version?

James Smith replied 2 years ago

Mark me down for the same questions… looking something awful..darkens the terrain and water. Need some help here guys!

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Andrew Richards Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Luke and James,

Our HDRP rendering for trueSKY uses Unity’s Custom Pass where we have access to the ScriptableRenderContext, CommandBuffer and HDCamera objects. When it was initially written, we found that a Custom Sky was not suitable due to the above reasons, though you are free to edit any the provided scripts to your needs.

TrueSkyCameraCubemap.cs might be helpful for you as it is used for a cubemap capture probe. It’s possible this also needs to be a Custom Pass. I will discuss this with my colleagues today.

Best Wishes,

lukew answered 2 years ago

Looks like it will be possible to input a dynamic cubemap (RenderTexture) to HDRI sky input in HDRP 11.
In this case it would probably be easier to just use rendered texture from trueSky probe (instead of creating custom sky) as HDRI input and it could be used for ambient lighting and reflection probes.
Cubemap fields in Volume components
Cubemap fields now accept both RenderTextures and CustomRenderTextures if they use the cubemap mode / dimension. This change affects the HDRI Sky and Physically Based Sky components and allows you to animate both skies.