Simul Support ExchangeUnity Plugin does not import in 2019.4 LTS versions
Raymond Lin asked 2 months ago

The console says there are compile errors and that dependencies could not be found/loaded.

Raymond Lin replied 2 months ago

Specific Errors are DllNotFoundException for TrueSkyPluginRender_MT

Raymond Lin replied 2 months ago

I turned notification level to the lowest because the FAQ page said it would help. It did and now the demo scene runs but when I initialize truesky in my own scene the game and scene windows go black and it doesn’t work.

Raymond Lin replied 2 months ago

I also saw somewhere on these forums that truesky unity was made in unity 2019.3.7 so maybe that’s the issue but I don’t know.

3 Answers
Andrew Richards Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Raymond,

I believe you have submitted a bug report to us. For HDRP, you must ensure that the TrueSkyHDRPCustomPass script is loaded into the trueSKY object; please see Assets/Simul/SimulTest/TestLevelHDRP.unity for the correct implementation. trueSKY 4.3 for Unity will be releasing shortly, so you might also want to look at that, as we have improved and refined the plugin.
Best Wishes,

Raymond Lin replied 2 months ago

Awesome! During the sale I had already purchased it and it looks great. I know that Simul Truesky is a bit more oriented towards Unreal, which is completely understandable considering the market for realistic atmospheres and clouds is much larger in Unreal, but I appreciate the support for Unity and the great perpetual license pricing.
I’ll be looking forward to trying v4.3.
– Raymond

Jason LaMar answered 2 months ago

Do you have an ETA for trueSKY 4.3 for Unity? And can you confirm that the new version will indeed support Unity 2019.4 LTS (specifically 2019.4.16f1) along with HDRP 7.5.2?

Andrew Richards Staff replied 2 months ago

Hi Jason,

trueSKY 4.3 has just released been today.
We build against Unity 2019.4.13f1 with HDRP 7.3.1. So unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that it will work, but we have found that there’s a lot of broad incompatibility between the engine versions.

I hope this helps you.

Jason LaMar replied 2 months ago

Totally understood that Unity is much more … how shall I say … “fluid” with their releases, especially compared to Unreal Engine. Thanks so much for your continued support of this engine in spite of their somewhat sporadic/erratic recent history with render pipelines, shaders, etc.


Raymond Lin answered 1 month ago

I have gotten it working with the latest version. Thread is resolved. Thanks for the help guys!

Jason LaMar replied 3 weeks ago


When you say “latest version,” could you elaborate on which exact 2019.4.XX release and HDRP 7.X.X release you’re on where it’s working? I’m still having issues.



Raymond Lin replied 3 weeks ago

Yeah sure. I am working on 2019.4.16 HDRP 7.5.1
For me I got the Dll not found error. If you got the same error, go to User Account Control Settings and lower the notification slider all the way down to never notify. Try to reimport and it should now work.
This is for windows, I’m not really sure if notification level is a thing it Macs.
Also 4.3 for unity released so maybe try that?
Good Luck!
– Raymond

Jason LaMar replied 2 weeks ago


Since there are now three versions of the Unity plugin available for download between Unity 2019 and Unity 2020 — according to — which combination did you successfully get working with 2019.4.16 HDRP 7.5.1? Are you using v4.3 or v4.2a? And then are you using 2020 or 2019 or 2019_HDRP?

Thanks again,