Simul Support ExchangeUnity2019 .4 URP How to fix error CS0619:
Thomas Liberty asked 2 years ago

Assets\Simul\Editor\TrueSkyWaterObjectEditor.cs(38,75): error CS0619: ‘SelectionMode.OnlyUserModifiable’ is obsolete: ”OnlyUserModifiable’ is obsolete. Use ‘Editable’ instead. (UnityUpgradeable) -> Editable’

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James Evans Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, this issue was brought by a Unity update, and has been fixed. Please update to a newer version of our plugin.

You can just however just change that line of code within the script as described by the error and you can continue fine. 

Thomas Liberty replied 2 years ago

How about you just tell me EXACTLY which version of the plugin works with Unity version?
THEN i can download and maybe not be disappointed.

Thomas Liberty replied 2 years ago
Here are all the versions tested and not working so far, it there a different download missed?