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David Parkes asked 2 weeks ago

Hi James,  we are using TrueSky4.2a.ad98a5953 in UE4.25. In the previous version we were able to dynamically set the Precipitation Radius Meters variable in a blueprint. However, since we upgraded to 4.3.71c9125bf  it is not working. Debugging the blueprint, the value is being set but the change is not being displayed in the game. We are seeing the change if we modify the value in editor. We have now returned to 4.2a.ad98a5953 and still no luck. 
Here is an image of our level blueprint as a test
Thank you.

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James Evans Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, I answered this in Slack so I am copying it in here.

“So I can see the issue, but I havent got a quick fix at the moment. The Precipitation Radius Meters is in the render values struct – which I would say is incorrect. This means it wont get updated unless you call reset in the scene. We have 2 structs, one for dynamic and one for render values. Dynamic are constantly updated but render only get updated when specified and are usually reserved for cloud res, raytrace steps etc. We will be doing a large re-vamp of this implementation to accommodate for more structs, but that doesnt help you right now, and im not certain when that will be.
I dont see an easy workaround currently – I can likely add one in in but you would need to wait for the next update – unless we improve the structs by then. Next 4.3 update is estimated late Jan. In the next update I will also offer a “update render values” node to force update the values without calling reset – as that not being available is a bug anyway. That will likely solve the issue, you will just need to call that node whenever you change the value”

In addition to this, I have re-enabled some of the legacy tools which still work fine, and in the next update you will be able to manually call SetFloat blueprint with the string input ” PrecipitationRadiusMetres”.

Apologies for the issues this may have caused