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Matt MacLaurin asked 1 year ago

Classic problem: I have a canoe in the water. Need it to not be filled with water. I’ve seen it handled as a 2d mask object or 3d convex hull that clips the water surfac (Crest does this.)
Can I achieve this with Truesky water?

2 Answers
Matt MacLaurin answered 1 year ago

Apologies, saw this answered on another thread. Looks like the answer is yes 🙂

Chris_Simul Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Matt – Glad you found your solution in another thread – just for reference for anyone who may come across this thread instead while looking for a solution – you can add in a trueSKYWaterMask component to an object, which can either use preset shapes, or a custom mesh shape to set a water mask, and cull any of trueWater from that space.
Any further questions feel free to ask