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Daniela Dahlems asked 2 months ago

We recently bought Truesky and are really happy with it so far apart from a few small issues. 
However we encountered one issue that is really immersion breaking and none of us were able to figure out what causes it. 
Whenever a mesh moves in front of the clouds (in-game or viewport) these weird shadows in the background appear.
Got any idea what might be causing it? 
We already tried disabling TAA and AO settings, but we might have missed something. 

2 Answers
Chris_Simul Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Daniela,
Firstly love the dragon! Excited to your project as it progresses.
As for the visual artefacts, from that gif it looks like it is something to do with the depth buffer. Increasing the depth temporal alpha should alleviate this. I loosely go over something similar here I think (I cover this at around the 9 minute mark).
If this doesn’t solve the issue could I get which trueSKY version your on, and I’ll then give it a go at reproducing on my end and trying to find a solution for you through there.
any other questions too, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!

Daniela Dahlems answered 2 months ago

Thank you for the response! We will have a look and see if this fixes it! 🙂