Cloud Volumes and latest update for trueSKY

Today we are happy to talk about a new feature for trueSKY, which is the addition of Cloud Volumes.

Cloud volumes are a new way to add clouds to your project, with a whole new level of customisation.

To add a cloud volume, right click in the cloud layer of your choice, and select “Add New Volume”. This will make this cloud layer a volume layer, and will disable the repeating skyline. A layer can have as many volumes to a layer as you like!

If you want volumes and a repeating sky, just add another Cloud Layer without volumes.



The Cloud window now plays a much more important part in the creation of clouds. Once you create a Volume, you will be able to see it as an orange circle.

There are two modes of editing in the Cloud Window – Keyframe and Volume. First, click on the keyframe you would like to edit. Next, Double click  within the cloud window to switch between the two editing modes. If there are no volumes in the keyframes layer, you will not be able to go into volume edit mode.

In Keyframe Edit mode, you can drag the whole layer by the keyframe origin, along with any volumes in that layer. This is the easiest way to move all volumes to a new location, for example if you want the volumes to move overhead.

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In Volume Edit mode, you can individually move and adjust each volume in your layer. You must have a volume present to enter Volume Edit mode. To move a volume, click and drag from the volume center. You should see the update in real time as you move the volume across the cloud window.  The size of the volumes can also be altered by adjusting the upper and lower layers. Grab the right handle to adjust the upper layer of the volume, or the left handle for the lower layer. In a future update. you will be able to adjust the distance between these layers, along with choosing the initial shape. At the moment, you can adjust the layers to make many unique shaped cloud formations. These cloud volumes work just like our other clouds, so you can edit them through the keyframes, and watch as their values interpolate over time.

Volume Editing in trueSKY



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We have lots of plans to improve on the current volume system, which we hope to share with you soon! I also hope to receive lots of feature requests!

Cloud Volumes in trueSKY

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Change Log

We will be implementing easier ways for us to share our change log soon, so for now bare with me if I missed something! We do have our Git commits in the Documentation, however these are not helpful enough.

Cloud Volumes

Initial implementation of being able to place non repeating cloud shapes in specific areas of your project. Additional features including adjusting height and edge fall-off and new volume shapes coming soon.

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Megascans Compatibility

After a long wait, we are now fully compatible with Megascans! Just download the latest update and you are good to go.


Multi Layer Precipitation

Multi layered precipitation!  More information can be found in our Documentation.

Other Changes

Some of these changes have been complete but will be added at the end of the week

  • Selecting a keyframe now sets the scene to that time, important when editing volume positions.
  • Added Altitude Lighting
  • Removed Visibility Slider and
  • Removed other legacy variables
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Added new tooltips
  • Added trueSKYClock blueprint (replaces trueSKYDemo Blueprint) – can be used to progress time easier in trueSKY
  • Fixed DX12 compatibility issues
  • New, faster lighting calculation
  • Documentation changes
  • Crash fixes
  • Logging in should now be easier, and give a more helpful response.