The Simul Newsletter

We’re excited to announce an update on trueSKY and the upcoming trueSKY 4.2!


Our plugins all rely on the same core trueSKY rendering tech, so regardless of what integration you’re using, updates will be coming in frequently even if nothing obvious in the Unity/UnrealEngine interface changes. But we’ve also been putting a considerable amount of work into improving each specific integration to ensure that everyone can have the best possible experience regardless of what engine they’re using. We’re constantly addressing bugs as they come in, so if you’re ever running into an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can get to remedying it as soon as possible. Stability is always our top priority, so never hesitate to send us an email.

We provide live support via Slack if you’re registered; if you’re not, just message Simul to be added to the group.

We’re also working to improve the quality, level of detail, and feature coverage in our documentation for the general API as well as both of the plugins.


We’ve been actively working on some improvements across the board for the Unreal Engine 4 plugin to improve, well, everything we can. Lately we’ve been working on some utilities and sky sequence samples to ship with the plugin so that anyone can install the trueSKY Unreal Engine plugin and instantly get it up and running with minimal effort. We still have some ways to go to make this process as easy as possible, but we’re working towards it.

We’ve also got some additional features coming to make the process of procedurally managing sky layers/keyframes and cloud layers/keyframes a bit more intuitive whether you’re managing trueSKY from C++ or from Blueprint. We’re hoping to roll those changes out soon.

We also have the Unreal Engine 4.16-compatible trueSKY plugin working and up on the GitHub repo. It will be available through the installers shortly.


The Unity plugin, since it has to go through C#, has an extra layer of abstraction, but we’ve still been actively keeping it updated with fixes and improvements. Lately, our focus has been largely on fixes for VR, compatibility with miscellaneous recent Unity changes, and any other bug fixes that come up. That said, Unity will be receiving the big update that’s next on our list (as well as UE and standalone licensees, of course).

trueSKY 4.2

Our next major update to trueSKY is just around the corner.

The primary focus has been on greatly improving the cloud rendering and lighting. We’ve improved the overall cloud structuring so that we can achieve large-scale cloud formations with little-to-no noticeable repetition. Multiple 3D cloud layers are now supported. And we’re making myriad improvements to our toolset and general accessibility.

We’ve been working on this update for a while and we’re incredibly happy with where it’s at. It won’t be long now until we’re ready to release it. And we’re even more excited to see where it can go from here.

– Roderick