Simul Weather SDK 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of our award-winning weather software is now available.

Simul Weather allows developers to generate real-time weather effects, including 3D volumetric clouds that grow and change in real time, with minimal CPU and GPU overhead. Already in-use in several major upcoming titles, Simul Weather saves many man-hours of effort for any developer looking to include live time-of-day effects, as well as generating a sky that just looks right.

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Real-time images from Simul Weather 1.2, including sky, clouds, haze and fade tables.

Many companies expend a lot of effort on getting their sky looking right and end up with a compromised solution that uses unnecessary clock cycles. After 3 years’ research, our skies are physically correct, look like the real thing, and use a fraction of the system resources that most home-grown solutions do.

New features in version 1.2 include managed fade tables – for physically correct distance-fades that match seamlessly with the sky. Also included, optional threading support from Intel Threading Building Blocks – to distribute sky calculations over multiple cores.

As ever, the SDK includes clear, simple sample programs using DirectX and OpenGL, and drop-in source code for sky and cloud renderers. Available on PC and major console platforms, Simul Weather can be evaluated for free. Contact [email protected], or go to for details.