CloudWright 1.8

CloudWright 1.8 is now available for download. There are lots of improvements, including a neat feature that lets you script your own exports.

CloudWright Special Offer

To celebrate the release of the rather great version 1.4, CloudWright is only $59 until the end of June!

Develop Magazine covers Simul

Our first major press coverage – the April 2008 issue of Develop magazine has half a page on CloudWright and the Clouds SDK. More information and subscriptions from

CloudWright Big Changes

CloudWright 1.4 is a major milestone. We’ve made the windows interface much more configurable, we’ve merged the Free Edition with the main program. But the big difference is we’ve integrated the realtime cloud rendering from the Simul Clouds SDK into CloudWright. This means that when you’re in “Realtime” mode, you can move the camera freely through the sky at a …

Fixes and Updates

Recent versions of CloudWright Free Edition had out-of-date cloud xml files that didn’t load properly. This and more is now fixed in version 1.3. There’s also an update to the full version, here. Apologies to anyone who’s had problems with either one. We’ve added a new feature, Quicklight, which does a faster calculation for secondary scattering. There’s also some new …

Launch price ends – 1st February

Now that the demo is available, the promotional launch price for CloudWright is coming to an end. The regular price of US$80.00 will kick in on the 1st of February – that’s four days from now. So now would be a great time to buy!

CloudWright Free Edition

The Free Edition is now available – basically a demo, it’s not time-limited but can’t export cubemaps and so on. Hopefully the free one will help people evaluate how CW performs on their systems. On both versions, feedback is of course, welcome.

CloudWright 1.0 Launched

CloudWright is now available. We’re supporting PayPal only at the moment, we should have alternatives working soon.

Nearly There

After an extended holiday break, we’re back on track to get CloudWright 1.0 out the door. The main challenge right now is setting up the infrastructure for selling online. This is coming on nicely, so within a few days hopefully we’ll have 1.0 available for purchase. Buying CloudWright 1.0 gives you free upgrades to any version before 2.0, and so …

CloudWright Beta and impending launch

The main beta period is now coming to an end. But rather than leaving you high and dry, we’re putting out a new version sometime today that won’t expire until the 31st of December. Between now and then, we hope to have version 1.0 of the CloudWright cubemap tool available for purchase. And in the meantime we’ll continue to welcome …