Simul Weather Version 2: trueSKY

Simul Weather v2.0, available now for evaluation & licensing, offers the following new features:

* Sky Sequencer. A production-quality toolset for designing weather effects – keyframe control of clouds, time of day and atmospheric effects.
* High dynamic range – all outputs in 16 or 32-bit floating point HDR.

Simul Weather article on MODSIM.ORG

Top commercial simulation site, MODSIM.ORG has a review / product description up of Simul Weather (direct link). There’s some new video and screenshots, as well as some comparison shots of Simul’s time-of-day lighting with real photos.

Notes on the sky

The best way to get a good-looking sky in your game or simulation is to use Simul Weather. But those who have an interest in such things, and time to spare might like to try writing their own sky scattering model. The first place to go in this case is usually to the 1999 paper on scattering by Preetham et …

Weather SDK update

The Weather SDK now has a nifty DirectX sample. This is the first of our “no-brainer” source code samples, intended to be code you can cut-and-paste into your program to get “instant skies”. The second no-brainer is the OpenSceneGraph nodekit, more to follow. Performance is off the charts with the latest code, so this stuff is ideal for 60Hz games …

Seeking bug reports

We need your help – we want to know how compatible our demo is. I’d like to hear from anyone who can’t get the demo to work, particularly if you have an ATI card. It should work with any shader model 3 card or above. Contact us at [email protected]

Announcing Simul Sky

We’re licensing our atmospherics system Simul Sky individually, as well as in a bundle with Clouds. Sky is a pretty nifty bit of software – you set the time, date, part of the world you’re in, and it first calculates where the sun is in the sky, and second, calculates the physically-correct sky colours. Where Sky really excels is at …