Weather SDK update

The Weather SDK now has a nifty DirectX sample. This is the first of our “no-brainer” source code samples, intended to be code you can cut-and-paste into your program to get “instant skies”. The second no-brainer is the OpenSceneGraph nodekit, more to follow. Performance is off the charts with the latest code, so this stuff is ideal for 60Hz games and time-critical simulations.

The aim with the no-brainer samples is to make putting Simul Weather in any game a matter of hours and to slash the learning curve that middleware typically entails. But we need people to test this approach, and tell us what we’re doing wrong, or right. So any developers with a few hours to spare, get in touch.

Coming soon, lightning! And because you demanded it: real-time god-rays. I’ll post screens of these effects within the next few days, they’ll be in the SDK samples next week.