Simul trueSKY is the ultimate real time weather renderer. It gives advanced customisable weather in Unreal Engine 4, Unity and is available as a SDK.

About trueSKY

trueSKY is the most advanced and reliable sky system available.


trueSKY generates real world sky & weather systems in real time. When a battle commences, automatically trigger a storm to generate. The storm can be triggered to clear after the battle is over. You, the developer, have full control over what happens.


Modern PC and console hardware is capable of supporting real-time rendering locally. This is ever increasing the quality and realism of real-time rendered sky. All sky and weather elements are generated directly on the GPU, giving you low cost per frame performance, at no loss of quality. Game and simulations can now have amazing sky and weather with very low overheads. Take control of your in game environment with real-time access to data, provided via a lightweight API. No matter what platform you work with, trueSKY works on all of the latest leading platforms, including PC, Playstation, Xbox.


TrueSKY immerses your audience in a dynamic environment based on real-world clouds. They form and evaporate on demand and engage audiences to keep them coming back. trueSKY is the ultimate solution for in game weather. If your game or simulation is out of this world, you can create any atmosphere you can think of and use trueSKYs advanced customisation tools to make it behave the way you want.


We believe virtual reality will be a big part of the gaming industry as technology catches up to demand. The main gaming platforms have started to release VR headsets which shows promise. For this reason, trueSKY was built with VR in mind and is VR ready out of the box.

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About trueSKY ™

trueSKY ™ is the most advanced and reliable sky system available. The trueSKY ™ SDK generates weather system data, updates it in real time. trueSKY ™ creates volumetric cloud and atmospheric data on the GPU, and provides realtime access to the data via a lightweight API. The SDK is cross-platform and renderer-independent.

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We are leading the way in real-time weather rendering software development. Our team is expanding and we are looking for new team members to help us as our company grows. If you are a software developer and experienced in C++, Unity and Unreal Engine, please get in touch. You can see our vacancies on the link below.