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IG Licence

For in-house use of trueSKY for video & image generation.

trueSKY IG Licence gives you a cost effective solution to real-time weather rendering for Image & Video rendering on the fly.

Why choose trueSKY IG

Simply install the trueSKY plugin to get started.

Fully customise your sky and weather scene in real-time.

Easily manage licences from the Simul admin area.

Fully supported through our Slack community.

trueSKY IG is for content creators. By using Unreal Engine and our trueSKY plugin, you can get image & video content faster with more accurate results.

Included with IG Licence:

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    No More Rendering Time

    trueSKY renders in real-time on your GPU.

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    Ray Tracing Supported

    We support real-time ray tracing, allowing for photo-realism

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    Get Started in 5 Minutes

    Install our Unreal plugin for a quick and simple setup.

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    Tutorials and Support

    We have video tutorials to help you get to grips with trueSKY.

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    Build for VR

    Build simulations for VR from within Unreal.

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    Floating Licences

    Easily manage and assign licences to users from your account area.

Developers using trueSKY

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All in one package for sky, cloud and atmospheric effects plus our latest addition, trueWATER.

Get the sky and weather you want, with no waiting time. All rendering is done on your GPU in real-time.

The number of artists using trueSKY for VFX has increased steadily. For this reason, we have created a dedicated licence for trueSKY users to create images and video animations in-house.


trueSKY renders weather & sky in real-time on the GPU. This allows you to see changes immediately with no rendering time, allowing for a faster and more efficient workflow.

high performance, low overheads

trueSKY uses physically-based rendering to create realistic scenes, and allows you to fully customize your scene with intuitive controls.

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From geographically-accurate sun, moon and star ephemerides to realistic light scattering, trueSKY will do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on customization.

trueSKY is VR ready

trueSKY fully supports the latest visual innovations and we will continue to support future technologies.

trueSKY is VR ready

Games featuring trueSKY

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Try trueSKY FREE for 30 days

trueSKY is a turnkey solution to weather rendering and is perfectly suited to image and video generation. Its ease of use and customizability make trueSKY the ultimate solution for sky and weather.

Use trueSKY as a game engine plugin:

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What developers are saying

  • The trueSKY package allowed us to add gorgeous, dynamic sky and clouds to State of Decay 2 within our strict performance parameters, and truly helped bring the world of State of Decay 2 alive.

    Jeff Strain, Studio Head, Undead Labs

  • trueSky from Simul is one of very high quality and outstanding technology to 3D games. Their weather system just bring a life into a game. Truly true Sky it is. Also their hands on integration support is very helpful. Depending on the level of demands from my customer, Simul has always given the best possible support and suggestions in very good timing manner.

    Yoshikazu Furuhata, CEO, IGM KK

  • Our ongoing goal for Flight Sim World is to look for ways in which we can advance flight simulation beyond the types of experiences available today. Simul’s trueSKY offered the kind of leap in weather and sky technology we needed in order to make this happen.

    Stephen Hood, Executive Producer, Dovetail Games

  • Motocross is feeling your bike in off road and wild contexts. Achieving this result in a video game is really challenging because you want the environment to look alive. TrueSky allowed us to ride across our compound areas with seamless variations between sun, rain and clouds, bringing a whole new level of realism in our motocross experience.

    Alexandre Lebertre, Head of Technology, Milestone

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