About Simul

About Us

We are Simul Software Ltd., a technology company founded in 2007 by Roderick Kennedy. We’re based in Liverpool, England, and our customers are all over the world, from the USA to Europe, Asia and beyond.

Roderick Kennedy, M.S.E., D.Phil

Roderick Kennedy, a specialist in physics and simulation, has worked in the games industry since 1990, contributing to such titles as DID’s Eurofighter 2000, and Evolution Studios’ World Rally Championship series. His 2001 doctoral thesis at Oxford University won the Culham Thesis Prize, and his publications include theoretical work on plasma physics and electric probe theory. You can follow Roderick’s technical diary here.


Contact Details

For further information, call us, mail [email protected] or fill in the form below.

Simul Software Ltd, Unit L, Baltic Creative Campus, 49 Jamaica Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom

+44 151 909 2425