Meet the team

Simul’s founder Roderick Kennedy gained a doctorate in plasma physics at Oxford University in 2001. During his time at university, he worked with the game developer, Digital Image Design, on the critically acclaimed combat flight simulator, EF2000 for PC. Through 2003 to 2004, Roderick helped to build games such as the highly rated World Rally Championship titles for the Sony Playstation 2.

“Hi I’m Andrew, I started working at Simul in December 2018 and as a self-taught graphics programmer entering this industry is tough, but Simul seeks those who are driven and determined to pursue this career regardless of background – mine is in Music. D3D12 and Vulkan along with their Ray Tracing extension are my current areas of interest and Simul allows me to work on these making work feel like a personal R&D project.”

“Hi, I’m James. I first joined Simul back in 2015 part-time while in college. This was a huge opportunity to work within the games industry before I had even gone to University. I returned to Simul after I had completed my degree in Computer Games Programming, and have been able to contribute to every aspect of the company – from our Website CSS and HTML to public-facing exhibitions and client meetings. Simul gives me the freedom to work on what I believe is beneficial to the team.”

“I’m Aidan. Have been working in Simul for two years as a software developer. I am interested in graphics development and the technology used in video games. My role at Simul gives me the opportunity to further my knowledge in these fields while working on exciting new technologies.”

“I’m Chris and fulfil a 3D artist, Support and QA role at Simul. Having previously worked at large studios as Quality Assurance and as a freelance 3D artist my diverse set of skills have helped fill a range of roles within the ever-evolving company that Simul is, and has allowed me to develop my skillsets “