Farshid Naji asked 1 year ago

please release 5.1 version update
I am waiting for this version for long time

Ingmar Buchner replied 1 year ago

Don’t count on it.

I’ve been a big fan of TrueSky for a couple of years, and I wish I could use it, but I don’t for one simple reason. The plugin release cycle is way too slow and does not keep up with the speed of the Unreal engine’s releases.
I return to these support pages every now and then to see if things have caught up, but alas…

Simul has consistently been at least one version behind, with not enough functional overlap between releases (at least not enough to invest in implementing the plugin in your projects, unless you’re doing very short timeline arch-viz projects or willing to compromise on the latest unreal features, but for more involved interactive projects and games… too risky). However, the updated features and improvements from Unreal’s side are too good to be held back by Simul’s release cycle, especially when most other major plugins on the unreal marketplace are updated relatively quickly.

I’m not hating on the developers, I wish they had more resources to pump out releases sooner. I understand that there is a lot of work involved in updating to work with updated Unreal source code, but it’s been like this for the last few years. TrueSky hasn’t been a serious option for Unreal developers because of this. The plugin has tons of potential, but it’s not featured or talked about anywhere anymore because of the delays in up-to-date versions, documentation/tutorials and showcases.

In all honesty, the timelines don’t work out for it to be a feasible option IMHO.

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, apologies for the long wait – there has been major internal restructuring of the Unreal Engine source with the 5.1 release, and we are working hard to get a version available as fast as possible.