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Anthony Kiselev asked 4 years ago

Hello TrueSky team, I’m considering buying your product, but before I buy I want to ask a few questions.

  • Does the new ue4 sky atmosphere compatible with TrueSky?
  • Any plans to add spline-based rivers and waterfalls to complement the current water solution?
  • Hull-based buoyancy?
  • Can we have the ability to tweak water horizon sharpness? In the current implementation, it looks like a sharp straight line, which is not suitable for every situation.


Alexander Alikin replied 4 years ago

I’m not related to the staff but I’ll answer to you since no one is willing.

1. It’s very unlikely. Sky atmosphere appeared just recently and I haven’t heard of any changes in trueSky because of that.

2. I don’t know.

3. Currently no. I know it’s being used in free Community Ocean Plugin (AdvancedBuoyancyComponent) as another option in addition to ‘check depth’ method.

4. Ocean material is not exposed to the editor so you can’t change anything. People use trueSky fog settings instead to blur out the horizon.

1 Answers
Lily Szuplewski Staff answered 4 years ago

Aplogies for the late staff answer,

  1. There currently aren’t any plans for direct compatiility with UE4’s atmspherics, mostly because it’s an entire system unto itself and pretty much everything it provides is already provided by truesky.
  2. There have been plans for spline based rivers and current development on particles should mean that waterfalls are definitly going to be available soon.
  3. The closest to hull based buoyancy is the ability to use test the depth of vertices on custom meshes within the existing Buoyancy components, however these results are only avaiable on the C++ side and it’s currently up tot eh user to program buoyancy using these given depth values.
  4. The sharpness of the horizon on the water is a known issue, however it may take some time before this is solved as it is due to an implementation flaw rather than a general bug.

Hope this helps!