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chikaniga asked 4 years ago

Buoyancy doesnt work anymore with the latest Plugin Version (…4.24_4.2a and …4.25_4.2a). When i set up a simple sphere with the Buoyancy Component and Probes, it slowly starts to fly vertical (endless to the sky). Simulate Physics is ON and Mass was set to 1. Unless its heavy enough its flys to the sky, when its too heavy its drops down trough the ocean.

chikaniga replied 4 years ago

Also i have another Question: it seems that you cant change values from TrueSkyWater at runtime with Blueprints or am i doing something wrong? The Sequence Actor works great with BPs but TrueSkyWater doesnt.

Chris_Simul Staff replied 4 years ago

Sadly water is not editable at run-time currently but is something that is actively being developed and aimed to be a feature in the future.

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Chikaniga – I just gave this a test on our end and reproduced your issue, the fix has been created so should be available with our next update.