Simul Support ExchangeCategory: WaterBuoyancy not working with custom meshes
Klimo G asked 1 week ago

As the title suggest, I think that buoyancy is ignored when using TrueskyWater with a custom mesh component,
when I clear the mesh and enable boundless, buoyancy is working.
I have tried setting the same mesh in “buoyancy mesh” in ‘trueskywaterbuoyancy’ component with same coordinates but it does not work too, although it seems that setting is not made for this purpose.
Can you confirm this behavior? 

Klimo G replied 1 week ago

I forgot to mention my specs:
Truesky build : 4.26_4.3.fc88dd2c5_x64
unreal version : 4.26.2

1 Answers
Wayne Littler Staff answered 5 days ago

Thanks for your report, I have raised a ticket for this to be looked into.