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Micael asked 4 weeks ago

I am using trueSKY Standalone SDK and Sky Sequencer (v4.3).
I am trying to reproduce the cloud generation with a texture from this tutorial using Sky Sequencer.
The problem I’m facing is that the 3D view doesn’t show any clouds (my texture seems to be taken into account by Sky Sequencer, cloudiness for this layer is set to 1.0 and I moved the time cursor to update clouds).
Is there a parameter I miss ?
What I am doing wrong ?
Thanks for your answer.

2 Answers
James Evans Staff answered 3 weeks ago

HI Micael, 

For the standalone Sequencer, you need to place the images within SkySequencer\Media\Textures.
Apologies this is not made clear enough. I will also try to push forward a solution that does not require specific locations for files for a future update.
Please let me know if you come across any other issues,

Micael answered 3 weeks ago

Hi James,
I placed the images in SkySequencer\Media\Texture folder and the image is correctly taken into account by Sky Sequencer as I can see the name of my image file in the “Clouds” tab.
But the sky stay completely clear (I set cloudiness for this layer to 1.0 and I moved the time cursor to update clouds)
Here are my sequence file and image