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Gombor Gábor asked 4 years ago

I’m curious that TrueSky supports the color change of sun in different daytimes?
Atm I have bright white sun in every time, its possible to get red colors in sunset/sunrise? Or I have to code this with a custom sphere?
thanks, Gabor

Matt P. replied 4 years ago

When I’m using truSKY for UE4, the sun automatically changes tint based on the time of day. What game engine are you using?

Gombor Gábor replied 4 years ago

Intereresting. I also use UE4 (4.24) but my sun is bright white at sunset and sunrise.

Matt P. replied 4 years ago

Something might have changed since I last used it, I’ll reinstall the plugin for 4.24 and get back to you.

Matt P. replied 4 years ago

Ok, here is the plugin out of the box with brightness adjusted:
The sun does turn color very close to sunrise/sunset. As for adjusting the colors, I am not sure how to do that.

1 Answers
Gombor Gábor answered 4 years ago

Hi. It seems the problem appears if I use own Sun/Directional Light and specify in TrueSkyActor. If TrueSky creates own sun, then its ok. Finally I returned to this usage mode and I customize things in the actor itself.

James Evans Staff replied 4 years ago

I believe this issue to be fixed, is this in latest 4.2a?