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Ingmar Buchner asked 3 years ago

I’ve been trying to learn how to use TrueSky with Unreal to its maximum potential with all features, but the documentation and video tutorials are still so very limited and sometimes seemingly outdated and there is lots of uncertainty regarding broken features.
It would be great of Simul could release some demo scenes from which we could review and analyse how the atmosphere and water effects have been built and to test its stability and functions with our own hardwre and software setups. This would be especially useful to verify when features are either broken or just poorly set up on our side.
I am honestly at the point where I am considering to abandon TrueSky and just start using UE4’s new native cloud and water systems, as there is already alot more information, learning content and support available for those.
I still feel like TrueSky had loads to offer, but its frustrating trying to navigate through all of its mystery and undefined limitations.
Would you ever release a full set of feature rich demo scenes for TrueSky in Unreal?

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 3 years ago

Documentation is something we are incrementally working on overhauling, if you have any suggestions for topics for video tutorials you would like covered. Features we are aware of having issues are documented on the “known issues” thread, as well as workarounds. We agree this is not the most ideal method and are looking into better solutions to keep the information all in one place.
Demo scenes are something that are on the horizon too, currently we do offer a wide array of presets for the sequencer covering a majority of standard cloud formations. However pre-setup scenes could assist with trueSKY actor properties as you have mentioned.