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Norbert Sekeres asked 3 weeks ago

Setup an empty 4.27 project.  Initialized TrueSky.  Added a widget with a slider that adjusts time of day by dragging the slider.  When in play mode, almost immediately when dragging the slider, UE crashes with the above error.  Tested on multiple hardware/machines, and the same behavior.  I have included a simple project to showcase this.  Ive noticed that it happens a lot faster when rendering at 4K resolution.
Any ideas as to why this is happening?  Download link to project –

Andrew Richards Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Norbert,

I am investigating this now.

Best Wishes,

Norbert Sekeres replied 3 weeks ago

Great, thanks for all your help Andrew. Sorry for the many questions, we are evaluating the plugin and would like to make sure it fits our needs before purchase. Just a few issues we need to work out 🙂

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James Evans Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Norbet, we can confirm there is an issue specific to DX12 at higher resolutions. We are working on a fix and will have it available with the next plugin release.



Norbert Sekeres replied 2 weeks ago

James, thanks for the update. Do you have a rough estimate as to when the next release is going to happen?

James Evans Staff replied 2 weeks ago

I would estimate before the end of the month, apologies I cannot give a more accurate timeframe


James Evans Staff replied 1 week ago

Hi, for a temporary workaround if you either switch to DX11 or remove the cosmic background texture, you should not experience the crash.


Norbert Sekeres replied 1 week ago

Hi James,

Thank you so much for the update. Given we are using RayTracing switching to DX11 is not an option for us, however, i’ll try your suggestion on removing the cosmic background right away. Thanks 🙂

Norbert Sekeres replied 1 week ago


Made the change you suggested, removing the cosmic background. Been using the application for 5minutes, we are no longer experiencing the crash. Thank you for the help.