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Swagger asked 2 years ago


This question might be a bit off of the intended. I am modifying Rome Total War Remaster – which uses trueSKY; making use of the trial (thanks 🙂 ).

RTW:R uses .sq files as parameters to display the skies, so modifying these files does change how they look – as expected.

As such, I’d like to create new ones from scratch, alike to those of the presets, and using Unreal Engine I am indeed able to do so. However, I’ve not yet found a way to export a sequence to the .sq game readable format. I am aware that the Sky Sequencer standalone does this, however I’d like to have a bit more control and game preview visualization of UE.

So in short is, how can I import a given .sq to Unreal Engine and after changing it, how can I export it to a .sq file, akin to the presets json’ish format?

Thank you for your time. 🙂

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi swagger – as far as I am aware, there is not a simple solution for converting the unreal engine sequence files into .sq files. The simplest solution would be to just use the skysequencer.
If you are dead-set on using Unreal engine, you could open a pre-existing .sq file using a text editor such as notepad or sublime, and open the Unreal sequence file (from within the project files content folder) with a notepad or sublime also. and then transcribe the information over to the .sq file and save it as a different sequence, however, I imagine this would be time-consuming.
A potentially better solution would be to create it in unreal then transpose the information from the keyframes in unreal onto keyframes within the sky sequencer and then save it out.
Apologies for not having a simpler solution, any questions or other things I could help with please don’t hesitate to ask