Simul Support ExchangeCategory: External Plugin IssuesFrequent crashes on Simulate or PIE in Unreal Engine 4.23.3
ClaudioPiccinni asked 4 years ago

As the title says, I tried briefly debugging and the crashes point to the plugin mentioning a section cloud|render. Is it a known issue?

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Andrew Richards Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Claudio,

Thank you for your question.
Would be possible to have the call stack or a crash log? This would greatly assist us in debugging your issue. 

Best Wishes,

ClaudioPiccinni replied 4 years ago

Hi Andrew, thank you for the support. Here’s the visual studio dump:

ClaudioPiccinni replied 4 years ago

Let me know if you need me to provide the call stack in another format (I noticed a colleague of mine having issues opening this dump as his visual studio says there are no matching binaries).