Simul Support ExchangeCategory: Waterhelp needed with swimmable water, waves and flowing water
Owen Russell asked 2 years ago

I’ve read the thread here:

Has the swimmable water progressed any further? 
Also, I’m using the water probes in the source state to create waves in my ocean but I have a few lakes and rivers that I’d like to use with waves. I first thought about having several boundless oceans and masking off the parts I needed but it seems that I can only have one in the scene. I’m curious, am I missing something or is this not a feature yet?
I’d also like to know if there’s any plans for flowing water, not on a particle level just a flow map level with blending similar to the UE4 water plugin.
I’m using UE4.26 and TrueSKY 4.3.5


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Lily Szuplewski Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Owen.
Looking back on your question and the problems you were running into getting swimming to work, the solution for having the player bob up and down would probably be to add a third state for swimming on the surface, so the character is pulled up or down to roughly match where the water surface is sampled at. Player input could probably determine whether to then jump out of the water or to dive, however I’d need to know more about what movement you’d desire to offer any more suggestions.
If you need other smaller bodies of water, bounded surfaces are usually what you’d be after. There exist some performance problems with them due to surface density, however you could also create your own meshes for them in an external program and use those in place, as has been done for other projects using our water.
Flowing water has been a goal for a while, however development on the water is currently on hold while more atmospherics features are updated for the next version of truesky.
Hope this answers your questions!