stamisme asked 2 years ago

i have a major problem with the clouds, where it is basically weird with the cloud movement!

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Chris_Simul Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi stamisme,
Could you supply me with what engine you are using as well as an engine number, and a trueSKY version number to, as well as some additional details on “weird” for cloud movement, so I can attempt to reproduce and log your issue internally.

stamisme replied 2 years ago

I am currently using 4.26.2, and i am using 4.3 of truesky.

stamisme replied 2 years ago

and by weird cloud movement, i mean how the cloud movement is laggy and the interpolation doesn’t look right at all.

stamisme replied 2 years ago

compared to the tutorial video, to me it looks like laggy or missing frames, and yes I have turned the amortization to 1.