Simul Support ExchangeCategory: Sky and LightingMANUAL EXPOSURE MODE POSSSIBLE?
demikead asked 4 years ago

The tutorials Ive seen show that in my post processing volume I should do Auto Exp Histogram then set max and min values to the same number to lock in the exposure.  This is giving me some issues with some other assets.  Is there a way to use Manual Exposure mode instead and not have the sky keep rebalancing itself? Looking for an alternate to control sky and sun brightness than the trueskysequenceactor.

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, apologies if I did not make my tutorial clearer. This is something I did in the tutorial to be able to show off trueSKY quickly with minimal setup. You can use any exposure mode you like, if you come across issues please let me know.

demikead answered 4 years ago

One of the issues I’m having is if I use the method of adjusting max and min EV values to control exposure the Sky is always fighting it and no matter how dark I try and make it it will balance itself.  Now I know I can adjust the exposure of the sky separately in the TrueSkySequenceActor, but when I do that the sky reflecting in water (TrueSkyWater) is brighter than the actual sky. 
I have the same issue when I switch exposure mode to manual.  If I adjust exposure compensation the sky will keep adjusting itself if I try to under or overexpose.  
One other issue I’ve come across is the reflection of the Sun in the water does not appear to match the size of the Sun in the sky.  Is there anywhere I can adjust the reflections on the water?  I have gotten the reflected size to match better using the “adjust sun radius” checkbox in the sequence actor.

demikead replied 4 years ago

I guess I’m having trouble with reflections in general with the true sky water. landscapes are chopped off at the top in their reflection, clouds dont seem to reflect in the proper place either. Have tried a ton of settings and add planar reflection capture but to no avail. I’m pretty new to this though so I may be missing something obvious.

demikead replied 4 years ago

I’ve managed to get the specular reflections to work much better. The culprit was using Temporal AA so I had to switch to FXAA. The issue I’m still having is with the reflections. Using boundless ocean it appears that reflections are SSR even though I have them disabled. When high above the water objects appear to float above the surface the when I get closer they start to line up. I cant find the actual water material to try and edit ti. And adding a planar reflection doesnt seem to have any effect (I have them enabled in project settings). Also have forward rendering enabled. Thanks for any insight!