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Gombor Gábor asked 4 years ago

Hi, its the second time, that website and plugin don’t follow my payments. 
Both say my license is expired but payment is done and I got the receipt which says it’s valid till April 21.
If I can convert my monthly subscription into the final license with paying the remaining fee, please let me know, there are days I can’t work with TrueSky due to license problems.
thanks, Gabor

Matt P. replied 4 years ago

If you are going to be using truSKY for a long time you save a lot of money if you get the permanent license, I would change.

Gombor Gábor replied 4 years ago

Well it depends on postopaque performance problem. I probably wait some time and hope it will be handled, else I have to go towards Epic own volumetric cloud solution from 4.25.

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James - Simul Support Staff answered 4 years ago

Apologies for the issue. Our new website has caused a few issues with subscription accounts. I will get this looked into now.

James Evans Staff replied 4 years ago

Your licence should be usable for now. I have assigned someone to look into the issue before the next monthly payment

Gombor Gábor replied 4 years ago

Thanks, now it’s ok.